PLEASE NOTE: This section is still under development. Rather than wait until we have the entire subregion mapped, we are posting routes as we complete them.

Room to Roam

Northeast Alabama is ideal for cycling adventures both long and short, with miles and miles of wide-open low-traffic farm roads interspersed with scenic views of the Tennessee River and its tributaries and coves. Adding to the picturesque charm of the rural countryside are towering ridges that provide a dramatic backdrop to the farmland as well as a serious challenge for those brave enough to pedal to the top! With deep history (some of which dates back 10,000 years) and charming towns, the Alabama Mountain Lakes region is an intriguing and inviting landscape for exploring by bike!

Points of Interest

Each of the Scenic Bikeway routes below have been carefully mapped to maximize your time on the bike, giving you the best scenery, the most enjoyable roads, and the most interesting landmarks. To that end, each map highlights "points of interest" along the way - restaurants, rest stops, historic landmarks, etc.

Route Modifications

We've also noted how each route can be modified to make them shorter or longer. While the routes have recommended loops and turnaround points, there are plenty of ways to customize each route to whatever works best for you

To help plan your adventure in Northeast Alabama, check out the Mountain Lakes tourism website for information about all of the wonderful shops, restaurants, historic buildings, and fun activities available in this beautiful corner of the state!

Russell Cave Out & Back

14 miles / 600 feet of climbing

Travel back in time 10,000 years on this short ride out of Bridgeport, featuring beautiful farm country and a national monument!

START/FINISH: Bridgeport, AL

Stevenson Challenge

46 miles / 2200 feet of climbing

Whether it's one loop or two, you'll enjoy a beautiful challenge on low traffic farm roads and tree-covered climbs!


Scottsboro Challenge

41 miles / 2200 feet of climbing

Challenge yourself on a brutal 1,000-foot climb or simply enjoy an easy ride past scenic farm country. Either way, this route delivers a great experience straight out of downtown Scottsboro!

START/FINISH: Scottsboro, AL

Section-Bucks Pocket Loop

32 miles / 1800 feet of climbing

Big views and a big dip make this ride a ton of fun, from the bluffs overlooking the Tennessee River to the descent down into Buck's Pocket to the climb to the very top of the state park!


Rules of the Road

  1. Always wear a helmet.
  2. Avoid using earbuds while riding, as awareness of your surroundings at all times is crucial to your safety as well as the safety of those around you.
  3. Keep an eye out for vehicles while riding and be considerate to vehicles trying to pass.
  4. Obey all traffic laws, which means stopping at all stop signs and traffic lights.
  5. Ride no more than two abreast.
  6. Ride on the shoulder or in a bike lane whenever possible.
  7. If you need to stop while riding, please get completely off the road.
  8. When crossing train tracks, try to have your wheels perpendicular to the tracks and don't turn your handlebar when riding across. Hold your line until you're on the other side. Never ride parallel with the tracks when crossing, as bike tires are easily caught in the gaps next to the rails.
  9. Control your speed on fast descents by feathering your brakes, and always brake before entering sharp turns (as opposed to a sudden hard squeeze in the middle of a turn).
  10. Communicate with other cyclists when riding as a group. When turning, signal with your hand and tell everyone which direction you're turning. Announce when you're slowing down or coming to a stop. Call out hazards in the road.
  11. Be predictable. Ride in a straight line without zig-zagging, and ride at a consistent speed without sudden accelerations or decreases in speed.